Youth Mental Health Service – Influencing Young People Positively

KELY Support Group is an empowering organization that influences young people positively with an effective Youth Mental Health Service in Hong Kong. The founders of the Group were initially concerned about the mental health of teenagers in the region. They felt like this area did not receive enough attention. There weren’t many (or any) programs that would help students understand their emotions, cope with stress, or avoid addictions. KELY Support Group decided to change that.

Since 1991, KELY has been slowly introducing its programs to the youth in Hong Kong through educational institutions. The Group collaborates closely with a list of prestigious schools from the region. The Youth Mental Health Service has been making outstanding results. Young people are more educated on the subject and they do not neglect mental health anymore.

In order to maximize its effect on youth, KELY created engaging, captivating programs that keep participants interested and help them learn more about critical subjects. People between the ages of 14 and 24 improve at managing emotions and stress and they learn how to help their peers as well.

Apart from educating young people, KELY’s Youth Mental Health Service also assists teachers and parents in learning how to recognize critical behaviors in teenagers and how to help them. The effect of KELY’s programs is long-lasting. Not only does it help the current generations feel better, plan their future, and be healthy; it also helps the future generations. These programs have the power to change society for the better and KELY will not miss out on that opportunity.