Self Service Smart Locker Makes Online Shopping Easier than Ever

The time of waiting for the courier to deliver your parcel is gone! Your parcel will wait for you at the 247 smart locker location instead.

Self service smart locker is designed to meet the needs of online shoppers and remove all the struggles they have been unhappy about for years. Alfred24 has created a unique system that reduces the inconvenience of the delivery of items purchased online. Namely, buyers can choose Alfred24’s 247 smart locker location on the checkout; their orders will be delivered to the specified destination and they can pick them up at their convenience.

If you were not pleased with the slow delivery or you simply don’t want a courier to ring your doorbell and surprise you with the visit or you are tired of missing deliveries because couriers come when you are absent, self service smart locker will solve all those inconveniences.

Alfred24 collaborates with several major shopping platforms, such as Shopify, Taobao, HKTV Mall, and Zalora. When you buy items on these sites, make sure to choose Alfred24’s self service smart locker as your delivery option. After the checkout, you will receive a tracking number that will show you the speed and process of delivery. When the parcel arrives at the 247 smart locker location, you can pick it up at any time. Even if you are not present at that time, your order will wait safely. This system will significantly reduce your waiting time and the costs of delivery. Once you experience the benefits of Alfred24, your online purchases will be much more enjoyable and easier.