Lab Diamond Grows its Global Influence

Lab Star Jewellery Company Limited is a new sensation in Hong Kong that already started to spread across the world. It is a lab diamond brand that integrates diamond production, loose wholesale and retail. This innovative company provides the application and development of grown diamonds; it advocates green jewelry and has a mission to make it possible for every person to own a quality diamond, without having to spend a fortune!

One of the main advantages of a lab diamond over an earth-minded diamond is, understandably, its price. A grown diamond is cost-efficient so more people can afford it. However, that does not lower its quality at all. In fact, only experienced jewelers can tell the difference between a grown and an earth-mind diamond. For most people, they look the same.

Lab Star worked on the development of quality technologies that could put grown diamonds into industrial use for over 50 years. The progress was slow but effective. In the last decade, the improvement was impressive. The quality of a lab diamond was significantly improved, which allowed the creators to start making jewelry from it. Shortly after the enormous success, the brand altered the “recipe” and produced diamonds in several beautiful colors, including pink and blue. The selection was rich and captivating, which attracted jewelry enthusiasts from Hong Kong rapidly; they witnessed the quality of grown diamonds and spread the word about them in the region, followed by the growth of their popularity across the world. Now, a lab diamond can be seen in several countries and jewelry admirers could not be more excited about its further global expansion.