The First Thing You Learn in Basketball Class

What is the first thing any basketball coach teach children when it comes to basketball training HK? Dribble and Pass the Ball! The first phase of your child’s basketball training HK is to learn how to dribble the ball and pass it to teammates. Dribbling is one of the most important skills in basketball because it allows your child to move the ball on his/her own, and this is essential to the sport.

Your child will learn how to dribble by simply rolling the ball with his/her feet, while making a circular motion with his/her hands. After the dribble basketball class has been completed, your child will move on to passing the ball to teammates. This phase of basketball class will last for another month or so.

Your child will learn how to pass the ball to teammates by using his/her non-dominant hand (usually left hand) to pass the ball to the teammate’s dominant hand (usually right hand). During these two phases, there are two key principles that must be followed:

First, make sure your child is making a smooth, circular motion with both of his/her hands when passing the ball;

Second, always have your child make eye contact with his/her teammates when passing the ball.