Impact of a Mental Health Support HK on Young People in the Region

Young generations are at high risk of becoming Drug Dependent because of relatively easy access to harmful substances and not enough Mental Health Support HK. For healthy growth, young people need professional assistance and KELY Support Group provides it all over Hong Kong.

KELY Support Group is a non-profit organization that equips youth with the knowledge, and skills required to resist substance abuse and be mentally healthy. This group was established in 1991 and they offer programs to educational institutions and communities that mainly consist of people between the ages of 14 and 24.

The programs that work on preventing people from becoming Drug Dependent focus on educating members on all aspects of substance misuse. From health risks to the negative impact on other areas of their lives, young people learn in detail why drugs and alcohol are so harmful. The Mental Health Support HK offers Bespoke Workshops, Drama Program, ExCEL, Prevention Starts with You, and SOSKELY programs, as well as a variety of Drug and Alcohol Awareness Workshops.

KELY does not only focus on Drug Dependent issues, although it’s a major part of its programs. This Mental Health Support HK assists in various categories relevant to young people. Thus, a group of experts empowers participants to pursue their dream careers, helps them gain confidence, prepares them for the next chapters of their lives, and helps them resist the influence of peers when it comes to drug and alcohol abuse.

The results of KELY’s work are continually positive so more and more communities are interested in collaborating with this organization. With a powerful approach and quality content, KELY Support Group is proud to influence the youth positively so the team is continuing the journey and inviting interested partners to join them.