EDU EdUHK Humanities Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

EDU EdUHK Humanities has recently celebrated its 10th anniversary! Guests could attend special events and initiatives that celebrated the accomplishments of the faculty and reflected on its journey. Plans for this educational center have also been presented and a new chapter of FHM has officially started.

The initial goal of EDU EdUHK Humanities was to cultivate a robust intellectual environment. Through innovative programs and educators that were ready to respond to all the educational, social and cultural challenges, the faculty proudly received its first generation in 2012. It is safe to say that the primary goal of this educational institution has been accomplished. The influence of FHM has been noticeable shortly after the first semesters. In 2022, the impact of EDU EdUHK Humanities is enormous! Alumni can attend innovative studies of literature, culture, creative writing, history and digital humanities.

Future students were excited to learn that EDU EdUHK Humanities introduced two new areas: Comparative Cultures of Care and Digital Humanities. Those areas will focus on critical applications in the cultural, environmental, historical and educational areas of Hong Kong’s and international public life.

With over 20 undergraduate/postgraduate/professional development programs, 240+ teaching/academic and research staff, more than 15000 students, 8 research centers and 4 departments, EDU EdUHK Humanities continues to build its impeccable reputation and influence in the region. This faculty is committed to building upon its traditional strengths in the offered departments. By providing a comprehensive research environment, the impact of FHM’s programs is significant in local, regional and international arenas.