SEM or Facebook Marketing?

You may see ads in search engines or Facebook. Although they are ads, search ads refer to Hong Kong SEM and Facebook ads refer to Facebook marketing Hong Kong. Both serve different purposes and can be used together or separately. 

If you take the advantages of Hong Kong SEM and Facebook marketing Hong Kong, you will definitely benefit from them. Hong Kong SEM is paid for search, which focuses on the keywords you target. When your target customers find your products by typing your target keywords, your ads will be shown in the search engines. It requires people to have a need in order to show your ads for Hong Kong SEM. And the most widely used format for Hong Kong SEM is text ads, which includes the advertisers’ products or services features and other information. 

Unlike Hong Kong SEM, Facebook marketing Hong Kong is paid for social, which means you advertise on social networks. It depends on the targeting you desire. You can target your potential customers by using Facebook marketing Hong Kong even if they do not have the need for your products at the moment. It includes both texts and pictures which are more attractive to audiences. With the help of social networks, people can also share them on Facebook in which your products could be reached to a larger audience. 

Hong Kong SEM or Facebook marketing Hong Kong? It depends on what your purpose is. To conclude, Hong Kong SEM helps you find new customers and Facebook marketing Hong Kong helps new customers find you.