Online Staff Training Platform Makes Virtual Meetings Easy

The need for a quality Online Staff Training Platform has never been larger. In order to keep the institutions running, we must replace the traditional operating ways with new, modern methods. In the case of recruitment companies, using a stable Employee Training Scheduling Solution like UC. Now minimizes the negative effects of social distancing and other problems that prevent face-to-face meetings.

UC. Now is an Online Staff Training Platform with advanced features for job seekers and employers. This software makes virtual meetings easy, fast, and productive. Job seekers can use comprehensive filters that help them find suitable job listings. They can apply to one or more positions and wait for the response of the employers. Since UC. Now is an outstanding Employee Training Scheduling Solution, the job applicant will receive an invitation from the employer with an exact time of the meeting. After confirming, two sides can meet on this platform, without having to use any other program.

Employers are impressed with the Job Centre at the Online Staff Training Platform. It provides numerous tools that members can utilize for a great user experience. One of the advanced features of the Employee Training Scheduling Solution is the simplistic tool that serves to schedule meetings and interviews. Employers can choose up to three slots and the software will automatically sort the meetings. Following this, the program will send notifications to the candidates, as well as reminders when the time of the meeting approaches. UC. Now takes the virtual training opportunities to a whole new level, which is confirmed by the fact that more and more prestigious institutions are partnering with this company.